Kristen and Alex

Kristen + Alex, About Thyme Farm

It makes me so light and happy to page through wedding photos, especially ones that I have a little behind the scenes insight on. So happy in fact, I’m spending wee morning hours procrastinating my to-do list to sip a little coffee and scroll. I cant help but smile when I see the love and the joy. I fondly remember the planning stage and our connection as I see how things came to life in all the belly laughs of family and friends and the sweet kisses of newlyweds. Wedding season officially starts for us today, so here’s to sharing a bit more, even if it feels a little odd to talk about last year when this one is just beginning. Here’s to Kristen and Alex, who were just so beautiful, inside and out.

Venue: About Thyme Farm
Photography: The McCartney’s Photography
Video: Vaughter Films
Planning: Door County Event Planners
Signs and Menus: Victoria Danielle